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Scott Eavenson
Gatineau (QC), QC
Bilingual Translator
Membre depuis le 11 January 2016
Charles Haggart
Toronto, ON
Video Production Bilingual www.haggartproductions.ca/
We are a full service boutique video production house. Our focus is providing value to...
Membre depuis le 01 August 2013
Anastasia Holleman
Edmonton, AB
Editor Journalist Photographer Translator Writer Bilingual https://anaholleman.squarespace.com/
I am a reporter, editor, and researcher from Edmonton, Alta.
Membre depuis le 11 September 2020
Thomas Keefer
Toronto, ON
Editor Graphic Designer Journalist Photographer Printer Public Relations Labour Movement Video Production Web design Writer Bilingual
Tom has been creating media since the mid 1990s. Since 2006 he has primarily been...
Membre depuis le 22 September 2017
Julien Lamarche
Ottawa, ON
Web developer IT Worker Bilingual https://twitter.com/cyclingzealot
I'm with Credil.org, an worker's coop that does software development. To better control the costs...
Membre depuis le 29 March 2016
Nora Loreto
Québec, QC
Editor Journalist Labour Movement Writer Bilingual https://twitter.com/NoLore
Writer. Purveyor of fine snark. Highly Googleable. Champale Socialist in the streets; Prosecco Socialist in...
Membre depuis le 01 June 2013
Veronica Munoz
Mono, ON
Translator Writer Bilingual www.aset.net/
Furnished with a Degree in Spanish / English Scientific, Technical and Literary Translation and Registered...
Membre depuis le 26 January 2018
hernan navarrete
Williamsburg, VA
Photographer Printer Bilingual
20+ years of experience photographing historic architecture, painting, and sculpture in Latin America and the...
Membre depuis le 10 April 2015