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Sam Bradd
Vancouver, BC
Labour Movement Illustrator Graphic Designer

Membre depuis le 02 October 2016
Raul Burbano
maple , ON
Labour Movement
Common Frontiers is a multi-sectoral working group.
Membre depuis le 26 August 2016
Tina Duke
Burlington, ON
Graphic Designer Labour Movement
Owner, Image Promotions Inc. Over 20 years of experience providing Canadian union made promotional products....
Membre depuis le 02 February 2015
Suzanne Gallant
Toronto, ON
Labour Movement Video Production
Suzanne Gallant is an award-winning freelance filmmaker specializing in online advocacy videos for unions, not-for-profits...
Membre depuis le 01 October 2013
Suzanne Hawkes
Vancouver, BC
Labour Movement Public Relations
Management Consultant at Convergence Strategies
Membre depuis le 25 April 2016
Stephen Hawkins
Vancouver, BC
Video Production Labour Movement Photographer Journalist Editor Broadcaster
As a news camera operator for over 35 years I have witnessed many of the...
Membre depuis le 02 October 2019
Thomas Keefer
Toronto, ON
Bilingual Writer Web design Video Production Labour Movement Public Relations Printer Photographer Journalist Graphic Designer Editor
Tom has been creating media since the mid 1990s. Since 2006 he has primarily been...
Membre depuis le 22 September 2017
Lorie King
Toronto, ON
Labour Movement Public Relations Printer
Promotional products you can be proud of. O/O Lorie King SHE/HER MsUnionSwag Service is my...
Membre depuis le 04 December 2015
Jenn Kuo
Toronto, ON
Editor Web design Labour Movement Graphic Designer
Creative designer for print, web, digital media. More than 18 years of experience designing for...
Membre depuis le 11 March 2016
Nora Loreto
Québec, QC
Bilingual Writer Labour Movement Journalist Editor
Writer. Purveyor of fine snark. Highly Googleable. Champale Socialist in the streets; Prosecco Socialist in...
Membre depuis le 01 June 2013
Joss Maclennan
Toronto, ON
Web design Labour Movement Illustrator Graphic Designer
Membre depuis le 01 January 2014
Chad Mohr
Toronto, ON
Web developer Web design Graphic Designer Labour Movement
I am a designer and WordPress developer. In a previous life I worked in the...
Membre depuis le 01 October 2013
Karen Paton-Evans
Ingersoll, ON
Writer Journalist Editor Labour Movement
Membre depuis le 01 September 2013
Scott Watters
Whitby, ON
Labour Movement Graphic Designer
WATTERS MARKETING specializes in customized, promotional items for Union campaigns, products, services and special events....
Membre depuis le 01 July 2016