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Tanya Bailey
Toronto, ON
Writer https://vividlyfoxxy.wordpress.com/
One Love
Membre depuis le 04 April 2015
Doug Butler
St. Thomas, ON
Labour Movement Writer
Through outreach believing we can build a better Canada
Membre depuis le 13 January 2016
Leslie Dyson
Aldergrove, BC
Public Relations Editor Labour Movement Graphic Designer Writer Journalist Web developer Photographer www.f2fcommunications.ca/
Vancouver-area based writer, editor, graphic designer, and communications project manager with Face 2 Face Communications...
Membre depuis le 15 March 2010
John Bart Gerald
Montreal, QC
Writer nightslantern.ca/
A writer of prose and poetry since 1960
Membre depuis le 13 November 2015
Myra Junyk
Toronto, ON
Writer Journalist
Membre depuis le 01 October 2009
Joshua Keep
St. John's, NL
Editor Writer Journalist https://twitter.com/JEKeep
USA Today/WSJ bestselling author of romance! Multiple Amazon All-Star winner. Husband of much cooler @jmkeep!...
Membre depuis le 20 November 2015
Jane Kirby
Kingston, ON
Editor Labour Movement Writer Journalist
Writer, editor, researcher and performer currently based in Kingston.
Membre depuis le 28 January 2016
Nora Loreto
Québec, QC
Editor Labour Movement Bilingual Writer Journalist https://twitter.com/NoLore
Writer. Purveyor of fine snark. Highly Googleable. Champale Socialist in the streets; Prosecco Socialist in...
Membre depuis le 01 June 2013
Christiane Martel
Pointe-Claire, QC
Bilingual Writer Translator https://www.linkedin.com/in/christiane-martel-a2ba7917/
Interpreter and translator (French <> English) with over 25 years of experience.
Membre depuis le 12 April 2018
Jonathan Martin
Amherstburg, ON
Bilingual Writer Journalist Photographer
Membre depuis le 19 July 2018
Veronica Munoz
Mono, ON
Bilingual Writer Translator www.aset.net/
Furnished with a Degree in Spanish / English Scientific, Technical and Literary Translation and Registered...
Membre depuis le 26 January 2018
Darrell Noakes
Saskatoon, SK
Public Relations Editor Writer Journalist Photographer darrellnoakes.com/
Writing, Photography, Digital Asset Management.
Membre depuis le 01 December 2012
Karen Paton-Evans
Ingersoll, ON
Editor Labour Movement Writer Journalist
Membre depuis le 01 September 2013
Uno Raamat
Toronto, ON
Editor Graphic Designer Writer Web design brand-new-ideas.com/
Strategy, art direction, copywriting. International experience in campaign development for both the private and public...
Membre depuis le 03 January 2018
Janet Sherbanowski
Toronto, ON
Public Relations Editor Labour Movement Writer Journalist
Dare Greatly Consulting: Research/write for NFPs/NGOs, Advocacy and PR specialties, grant writing, RFP submissions and...
Membre depuis le 25 March 2016
Rick Telfer
Ottawa, ON
Editor Labour Movement IT Worker Writer Journalist
Membre depuis le 21 February 2018
Paul Weinberg
Hamilton, ON
Writer Journalist
Membre depuis le 01 March 2013